8 October 2012

Excitement! Parcel arrival!

Look what I received in the mail today. :)))

A little while ago, the lovely Megan from Whatever had a giveaway on her blog for this oh, so lovely bag. And I was the lucky winner! Oh my.


Isn't that inside fabulous? It even has a compartment (all stiffened and padded) for a tablet (or ipod or whatever). How cool is that? And lots of little pockets for all the things we carry, plus a large zip pocket behind them.

Of course, an awesome bag like this needs shoes to match..... so a shopping we went......

...and yes, I did buy a pair....lol. In reality, they are so close in colour, you would think they had been made in the same place. :)

Next on the list was some fabric for a new skirt to go with the accessories....hey, isn't that the way you are supposed to do it, not the other way round? ;)

I found this lovely organic fabric in Kate's online shop  (Kate Quilts - she has some truly yummy fabrics - go check them out!) . Perfect!

Alegria - Bouquet .... works soooo well with the bag and shoes ... and  the yellow is the same yellow!

Won't it look divine once it's made up?

Thank you so much, Megan, for giving me the chance to win this bag! From it has grown a lovely new Spring outfit to brighten my outings. :)


  1. Your bag is gorgeous and I am sure you will look so ad well.....love the fabric you chose.

  2. Love, love, the bag. Congrats and who needs and excuse to get new stuff???

  3. Congratulations on your win, and scoring those gorgeous shoes! You're going to look smashing. Do take a picture of the finish so we can see the beautiful, spring-y Lindi.