17 October 2012

Pattern Testing

The lovely Lynda at Patchwork Promises asked me to trial a new bag pattern she has designed.
Seeing as how much I love making bags, how could I resist?

It is called The Lorraine Tote Bag and will be on sale soon, once editing and printing is complete. :)

A hunt through my stash of fabric resulted in some fun, bright lovelies being chosen, then I was off cutting and sewing!

Here is the end result. I am very, very happy with it! The pattern was easy to follow and accurate, it didn't take long to do (I worked on it whenever I had a chance over one weekend) and what delights me even more, is that I can easily make those little changes that I tend to do whenever I make a bag from a pattern. You know the ones..... add extra pockets, piece the outer fabrics, add little touches to make it "mine".   ;)
Because I was testing a pattern, I made this one exactly as the pattern stated. There are 2 options; one with handles attached directly to the bag and no handle hardware, and the version I chose, with handle hardware. It is a really lovely, functional bag without any added extras. The only extra was my button on the flap -  in this case, I used a large flat 4 hole button (black) and glued a bright aqua blue button (I cut off the shank and filed it) onto the centre.

Finished bag - posing could have been better....it isn't lopsided as this photo suggests. :)

Bag showing the base, which is quilted - I used black thread so it dosn't show up here.

Interior - I like light colours inside my bags so that I can find things easier and contrast pockets so that I see them straight away. lol

I am keeping this bag for myself! Of all the bags I have made (quite a few), none have been for me! Finally, I have one! lol

I'm thinking this bag deserves a matching make-up purse, so that just might be next. :)


  1. It's really lovely! You picked some great prints for it, and the button touch, and how you did it, is just perfect. I hope you didn't find too many errors in her pattern. Enjoy carrying this bag. Nice work!

  2. No errors in the pattern pieces and construction, Linda. The only errors I found were little errors of the sort we all make when writing something...a comma here and there, that sort of thing.

  3. Nice bag.....we had a class last week and my friend the tutor got me to give her fabrics and she made a bag for me as her demo bag. I just took a photo and must put it in my own blog.
    this may never get posted..I keep failing to prove I am not a robot.LOL