20 October 2012

Things for the little ones

My two adorable Grandchildren are growing - oh so quickly! Too quickly. :)

Master M helping Pa. He'd water all day if you let him.

Miss M has a turn. Don't you love those boots? I bought them for her when she was only 4 weeks old. They are still a little big, but she loves clomping around in them.

Of course, with 2 gorgeous littlies to spoil, what's a Nana to do? Why make things for them, of course!

A Dinosaur quilt for Master M for his big bed.

A pillowcase to match - side A

Side B

A little quilt for Miss M's dolls

A new skirt for Miss M

A Doll's quilt for a little girl in Austria. (Her Mum lived with us for 5 months as an exchange student back in 1998 and we have kept in touch)

They both love the things I make for them and show so much delight getting them, it's easy to keep making things for them. :)

What do you do to "spoil" the littlies in your life?


  1. Beautiful grandies......very special moments. My two love cupcakes. Gorgeous quilts.

  2. Such cute things you've made, Lindi! How fun to sew with pink for girls. Your grandchildren are so sweet-looking! I know how much you love them, and enjoy their company. Continue to appreciate these days as much as you can. They're the stuff of wonderful memories.