29 March 2013

Happy B'day to my blog! (Almost)

On the 8th of April 2007, it was Easter, and I started this blog. Six years ago!

In that time, I have written 300 posts. (This is no. 301). Nowhere near as many as some bloggers, but still, that's almost 1 post per week.

I think that calls for a celebration! :)

So, in the next week, I'll be deciding what I will do. A giveaway seems in order, after all, everyone loves a giveaway!

I'll do some thinking over the weekend, and sometime next week, I'll tell you what I have in mind.

Stay Tuned!

Oh, and leave a comment on a recent post.......you never know......    ;)


  1. Nice to see you back
    I have not been doing a lot of blog reading of late so will have a catch up with you now

  2. Wow Lindi 6 years makes me feel like a beginner. Nice to see you still blogging away. Happy Easter Hugs x

  3. Happy blogabirthday, Lindi! I'm glad you're still blogging along, however infrequently. You brighten up my day :-)

  4. Lindi, I remember way back then too!
    I started my blog in Nov of that same year and you were one of the very first to visit me and make me welcome :)
    Happy Anniversary!!
    Robyn xx

  5. holy bejebbers 3 posts in one month..wooohoo is the 'Ol girl back at it again--hope so..cheers on 301 ...hugs Vic

  6. Wow you are blog crazy .... all the drought and now!!
    BTW what colour did you end up painting?