28 March 2013

R & R: Reclaiming and Redecorating!

For the last 12 months, I have been evicted from my sewing room and all my stuff piled into the dining room, due to first my Son and family moving back from Tasmania and living here for 9 months, then my Daughter and family moving in for 3 months.
Now, finally, the room is empty! Yippee!
But I'm not moving in YET.
First, we are going to paint. :)
The room was a mid blue colour before I claimed it, and was just too overwhelming, so I painted it with some left over paint from our family room - a nice neutral shade (and I'm not normally a neutral gal, but this one is lovely). However, in the lower light room, it looked dingy, so I did a spongey wash kind of overpaint with white, that made it look very soft eggshelly. It's a nice effect.
But I'm tired of that! lol

We are doing a white coat first then doing the real paint job. But what colour? I've had lots of advice to go with white for the light, and I was seriously thinking to do that. But seeing the white go on the walls, it just says blah to me. I normally love white rooms, but their clarity is enhanced by the decor. This room is not really going to have "decor". Just work tables, bookcases and boxes!
My current thinking is to do a pale pale pale aqua blue -mixing blue for serenity and yellow for creativity!

What do you think? Stick with white for the light? or go the aqua? or something else?

You can vote over on the sidebar. If you choose other, I would love to know what colour you think, so please leave a comment. :)

This is the room ready for painting. It is a room in the middle of the house and looks out into the family room. I have a skylight to allow more light into the room. The red 'glow' on the wall is where a bed has been. The red flannelette sheets left a memory behind. :)



  1. White white white and decorate wall space with..hangings..mini quilts..stitcheries..

  2. Anonymous28/3/13 23:57

    I suggest not painting at all. Just fill it with your stuff and you'll never see the walls anyway. I'm just trying to save some poor bugger from putting in all that effort. :)

    1. Hmmm....Mr Anonymous...I know who you are! Get off the computer and get back to prepping! lol

  3. I'm adding a comment about why I voted for white. It's the perfect backdrop for hanging up finished quilts, and I bet you have a few of those you could decorate with. Are you creating a design wall for one of the walls? If so, you'll want something calm in the room so you can focus on the fabric prints you'll put up there. The design wall will have as much color as you need.

  4. I'd go for a pale aqua - it's one of my favourite colours! Having said that I live in an old house with lumpy walls(!) so I have mostly wallpaper!

  5. Will be worth it when it is all done

  6. Why not pale aqua on the red glow wall and the rest white to reflect the white. That would give you a nice accent wall but still give plenty of light (and walls to hang stuff on ... lol)

  7. Go for the aqua... It will be a fun fresh colour :)
    Enjoy it when you're done.