11 April 2013

Here we go, at last!

Things have been rather chaotic here, and unfortunately, my blog was waaay down on the list.

SO....back to celebrating my blogaversary and actually doing the giveaway.

Here's what's happening:
                                    Rather than one big giveaway, I'm doing several small ones, PLUS a slightly larger one, so more chances to get something. :). I have assembled a few nice FQs as well as some other little treats to pop in the post to my winners. .... ONE winner from the comments on EACH of this year's previous posts, then ONE (slightly bigger pressie) winner from this post. You can enter as many times as you like and if you win, you will still be eligible for other draws, if you have left comments.

I think that's pretty fair.  :)

I will begin drawing names for the previous posts, tonight, (after Mrs Brown's Boys!) and the winner from THIS post will be drawn on Sunday night (Australia time).


  1. I'll confess to being a pretty poor blogger too, since FB! Hugz

  2. My goodness I can't believe how many posts you have done recently... lol. We have missed you in blogland!

  3. okay so looks like I'm the first to comment - Happy Blogiversary sweetness

  4. OK so you watch 'Mrs Brown's Boys' too!! Here in England we love it!
    Congratulations on your blogaversary!

  5. My blogging is on the same list as yours. But I love reading others. I have a boring life anyway. But good on you for getting going again. Love you comments on here jen

  6. You are being very generous