11 April 2013

Winners :)

The first winner of my little giveaway (see post below) is:

 Retired Dairy Queen!    for her comment  "My goodness Time goes by so very quickly 
I seem to remember when No. 1 came along"      on the 17th March post "It's been THAT Long?" ...............
Send me an email, Dairy Queen, with your snail mail addy, and I will pop a little something in the mail next week.

The second winner has been drawn from the post "R & R: Reclaiming and Redecorating"..........
and the random number selector says  #7 which is Soozii who said Why not pale aqua on the red glow wall and the rest white to reflect the white. That would give you a nice accent wall but still give plenty of light (and walls to hang stuff on ... lol)

The third winner is #4 ...... Robyn G .... for her comment Lindi, I remember way back then too!
I started my blog in Nov of that same year and you were one of the very first to visit me and make me welcome :)  Happy Anniversary!!    on the post "Happy Birthday To My Blog (Almost!)"

The 4th winner is #3, commenting on the post "Beautiful Building Block Quilts" is......Catsmum ...with her comment:  haven't bought a quilt book in ages - this might need to be the one

And the final Winner, the BIG winner, on the post "Here we go, at last!" is .......................Random number selector chooses #1 ... Sally Westcott! 

Congratulations, Sally!

I still need a snail mail addy from Robyn G, then I can post a little something out to you, too. :)

Thanks for playing everyone!


  1. Thank you Lindi How exciting The first Blog give away I ever won was from you xx

  2. Whoohoo!! That's me!!

  3. woohoo way to go girls xoxox

  4. yippee!
    and congrats to all [ nearly forgot my manners with the excitement of winning ]

  5. Dear Lindi, thank you and Woohoo!!
    I've sent you an email :)
    Congrats to the other winners xx