6 May 2013

Ready to Move In!

My sewing room is finished! Yay \o/

New paint on the walls ( do you like the aqua blue?), ceiling given a coat of white to freshen it up......

and a new light fitting with 4 lights that I can angle so that light is directed exactly where I need it. :) I'll adjust them once the furniture is in.

We did an undercoat of white on the walls first, to block out the previous colour, but to also see what I thought of white. Sorry all you white voters, but it really didn't do anything for me, with that carpet. It just looked blah.
While we were making changes, we also put in a double power point, so now I have one for my power board and one for "other" use.
I wish I was putting new white furniture in, but I'll have to make do with my old stuff, as it's still in fairly good condition. It's a light beech laminate, so will still tie in nicely.

Stay tuned for progress as I move things back in. I'm taking my time with that, because I want everything to have a place. Nothing goes in until it does! (We'll see how long that lasts! LOL)


  1. Oh so fresh and lovely. The colour is gorgeous. Have fun moving back in.

  2. Exciting times for you! The aqua looks very nice. And I'm quite envious of your light fixture. My sewing room desperately needs nighttime lighting and I'd thought to install a fixture exactly like yours. I went to the store to buy one and learned that it's against code to put in such a light, with down-pointing cans. The woman explained it's because people put in lightbulbs with higher wattage than the cans suggest, and those overheat and cause fires. I wanted to use daylight bulbs in mine, which don't produce heat, but it made no difference. They're illegal and that is that. I am extremely disappointed, and now struggling to cut and sew with one dull floor lamp.