12 May 2013

Moving in....

All last week, I slowly and methodically moved things back into my sewing room. Furniture first, then Stakka Drawers, then other stuffs as I found places for it. :)
We have angled the 4 lights, but adjustments may occur as I start using the areas and change my mind. I have a free standing Arial Ott-Lite as well, so it can always fill in if I need more light.

This is the wall to the right of the door, which is in the corner on this wall to the right of this pic. This is my cutting out table. I do hope to replace it with a slightly larger table one day, but as yet, I haven't found one that meets all requirements. This one is an old Teacher's Desk which I waxed many years ago.
The bookcase is on the next wall. It stocks completed toppers on the bottom shelf, electrical gadgets, paints and pencils, pens, glue, catalogues, etc. My ipod and speakers sit on top.

 This is the next wall (with the previous mentioned bookcase). I have this table coming out from the window with my back to the wall, which will be my design wall. You can just see a glimpse of a large basket with some of my WIPS trying to hide in the bottom right corner. :) I have another crate plus a big zip quilt carry bag with more. Some of them used to be UFOs, but I've decided I am not having UFOs any more, just WIPS!

This table runs along the window, butting against the previous one. All my threads are in the 2 smaller drawer stacks and fabric in the larger one. I want better quality drawers for my threads, so that is on my  
 "to get"  list.
The Stakka drawers underneath the table contain part of my fabric stash. You may have noticed my cutting table had Stakka drawers, too. Yes, they also contain fabric, as do the 9 under the other table. :)

This is the 4th wall (the one the door opens against). Here, I have a slightly larger bookcase with pretty boxes of ribbons, buttons, velvet, habby things etc, etc, etc.
Behind the door, I have several hooks from which hang skirt hangers holding large ziplock bags with various things like iron on interfacing, avalon, tivek, fast to fuse etc. It's a system that works well for me.

A close-up of 9 of my Stakka drawers under one table. I have 26 FULL drawers in total, but it isn't nearly enough! Currently, I have the lounge piled high with more fabric that is still homeless. I also have a dining table loaded with odds and ends that are yet to be sorted as well as 8 cardboard boxes of (mainly) fabrics for garment construction, a box of backing fabric, and another 5 boxes with more odds and ends for fibre art. I have no idea where it will all go. I certainly don't want it coming into my nice, neat, spacious room!  LOL

I have yet to decorate the walls with wall hangings etc, but that will have to wait until I have sorted out my lounge room and dining room. ;)

What's your sewing area like? Care to post some photos on your blog? If you do, leave a comment here with a link and I'll mention you in a post. I'd love to see what you do with your area and how you organise things.



  1. Looks great!!
    Don't dare post photos of mine unless I hike into its jungle with a machete and clear the way first.

    1. LOL Mine will probably be like that in a week or so. Thought I'd take a pic now before I lob all the stuff in the lounge room and dining room in there. Honestly, I need another 20 Stakka drawers and somewhere for them to go. Then last night, I found a huge, and I mean HUGE box in the end room that is FULL, choccas, of MORE sewing room stuff!!! My lounge is piled high (level with the top of the back with fabric I have bought in the last 12 months or so. lol Definitely need to go on a fabric diet.

  2. Oh So neat abd tidy
    Looks great So much fabric Don't you just love fabric

    1. I do love fabric, RTQ. In fact, I love it too much! lol

  3. Looks great now Lindi!! I have heaps of those drawers also, but the best thing I bought myself was a free-standing pantry cupboard with louvre doors to put most of my fabric. Air can circulate around, but light doesn't get in. Not too deep and has adjustable shelving - all my Fat 1/4s are there and some smaller cuts, like 1/2 yards; 1 yard etc. My drawers or tubs have my WIPs; special fabric such as repro etc; and my pre-cut (ala Bonnie Hunter) scrap fabrics.

  4. What a wonderful set-up, Lindi, with plenty of drawers and storage room. You should have such fun creating in your new sewing room! Me? One day ... one day... :-)

  5. I really like your sewing area. Wishing you much sewing happiness.

  6. It's great to see the space you'll be sewing in, and interesting to see how you're arranging everything. Sounds like a big job! So much fabric! Have you thought to get rid of some of it? Or do you need it all? Your intentions sound good too, and I'll look forward to seeing the whole-room-finished photo.