9 June 2013

Daisy Days

First stitchery for the Daisy Days quilt finished and fabric selected! :D I am really enjoying this BOM (thank you Jenny Elefantz) and can hardly wait for the next one to arrive!

The fabric I am using is from Bonnie and Camille's 'Marmalade' collection. I have a jelly roll and some FQ so they will be just perfect. I will probably add a couple of 'outsiders' to the mix just to add a little more variety. Not sure exactly what yet. Will wait and see as it takes shape.

The stitchery is being done on a lovely cotton/linen blend fabric - beautiful to work with - and uses the usual 2 threads.

I'm going with an emphasis on the aqua blue. I'm thinking it will go well hanging in my sewing room (if I have enough wall space when I am finished lol)

So you want pics, I suppose? :) .............. ok......... but keep in mind that the stitching is not perfect (my hand still has some issues holding a needle and getting it to do what I want) ........



  1. Such a sweet stitchery, Lindi! Those fabrics are going to co-ordinate so well too. I love Jenny's designs :-)

  2. Gorgeous design of Jenny's...love your stitching and fabric choices.

  3. They look very pretty. No notice of a wobble in stitches, so keep up the great work! I'm glad you're enjoying this.