24 May 2013

Daisy Days BOM

photo copyright of Jenny Elefantz

I have just subscribed to Jenny Elefantz's Daisy Days Block of the Month. I am so looking forward to doing this one. I have watched the progress of it being developed and just knew it was for me.
Check out Jenny's blog and see what I am talking about, then if you like it, be tempted, too. :)
This is just one of the stitcheries I fell in love with:

photo copyright of Jenny Elefantz

Jenny is offering 3 ways to pay: Subscribe via paypal and get a block per month for 8 months (pdf) discounted price; buy the pdf  each month from her etsy store ; or buy a monthly paper pattern from her etsy store. Anyhoo, all that info is on her blog.

Jenny has also set up a blog for BOMers to subscribe to, with hints and tips and progress pics. There is a link button over there in the right hand column up the top if you want to check it out.

So go on, what are you waiting for? ;)


*Permission to use photos from Jenny's blog was obtained before use. :)


  1. Looks lovely Lindi. I've got a few stitchery quilts - don't need another one! Look forward to seeing your progress.