7 January 2008

Musical Monday

For his Birthday last December, I bought DH a turntable that could plug into the computer, so he could convert the old vinyl records (and some very old bakelite ones!) into CDs.
This has meant dragging out the record collection, and it has given me an idea.
I have decided to choose an album or CD from our music collection to share with you, each Monday.

There will be ones that I love, ones I can't believe I bought, ones given to us, and some inherited from the previous generation. This may (or may not) bring back memories for some of you. It might even give you a laugh, occasionally!

So here's my first choice.
"Quatro" by Suzi Quatro! [1974 E.M.I.]
with Dave Neal - drums, Alistair McKenzie - keyboards, and Len Tuckey - lead guitar.
Boy was she a dynamo. All of 5 feet +a couple of inches, petite figure, sweet face. But energy to burn and a gutsy hard rock voice! She also played (plays) bass.
In the early 70s, I loved her! Being only 5 foot nothing myself, and having a petite figure back then, I thought she was the most wonderful female alive. Her leather, skin tight outfits were to die for!
Songs on this album include "The Wild One" (probably my favourite); "Klondyke Kate"; "Devil Gate Drive" (who from that era doesn't remember that one!); "Hit the Road Jack" and "Keep A-Knockin".
I'll keep this one, for posterity, but these days, it's probably a bit heavy for me, to play the whole album at once.
I heard her interviewed a couple of years ago, and she was still out there touring with her band.


  1. I loved her too! And I've still got a couple of her records, this one included. Did you ever see her in concert? I went a couple of times in the seventies to see her, she rocks!

  2. Lucky, lucky you! I never got to see her in concert, unfortunately.

  3. Is Suzi the lass who made an appearance in Happy Days with The Fonz. No I am not that young, I watch it with my kids. Oh dear where have the years gone. Do you want to borrow some vinyl LPs lol, we have some but unfortunately I dropped some when getting them down from the top shelf.

  4. I can tell you are more my children's ages than mine... I never got past the Beatles! :-)

  5. I loved the beatles, too!
    Actually, Pennie, I think you're wrong about ages. Must do some research and suss out our age difference...LOL
    I was also a young Elvis fan!

  6. Sadly I think I own this record too
    I used to sing along to her with my hairbrush!!!!!

  7. Anonymous10/1/08 08:40

    You did your research well Lindi LOL I remember my kids buying Suzi Quarto LP's... actually saw Suzi on TV on a chat show in London a couple of years ago, she was lovely and spoke about her childhood, she's a great interview-ee. I got the feeling that she lives in the UK now as do many American stars apparently.

  8. So how did your Research go Lindi... I forgot to come back to this! and I wonder why my second comment came up as anonymous??? I was born July 1945 and I was more of a Johnny O'Keefe fan than an Elvis fan but David and I think our son Tomos sounds just like Elvis. Nerys was a David Bowie fan and she was born 1971! See why I think you are more her age than mine!! LOL

    Oh Gawrd there's a hard Word Verification... nnzsenuu
    No nonsense zombies see everything new under undies LOL