21 September 2008

August Photo Challenge, Wedding

I didn't really get a chance to "do" this challenge properly, but here are some photos I took a few months ago.
This is water sitting in my gutter overflow tub (I use it to water pot plants that don't get much rain water).
The first shows reflections, the second shows ripples from a water drop just seen in the centre, and in the third, I actually catch a drop just about to hit the water. (I used the flash for this, hence the different colour)

September's challenge is Food. Should be quite a challenge to get some really interesting photos, not just the standard food pics. Wonder if I can meet that challenge?

Count down to THE Wedding!
I have finally had time to find an outfit. Now I just need to do some minor alterations. Everything that has to be paid for ahead, has been paid for; RSVPs are in; table decorations organised (my wonderful little Sister has made the family traditional slippers for the tables - picture later - ) ; everything but the flowers and the bags for the girls, are ready!
We've had some hiccups with the flowers - L chose silk, even tho' she would have preferred real,so that we could have them early to colour coordinate other things. Last week, we were told that the supplier has run out of stock so we have to change things! I hope they work out ok! Still, if that's the only thing that goes wrong, we're doing fine!
As for making the bags, that's one of my jobs. Crossed fingers that I get time to get them done. They won't take long to sew, it's the cutting out I'm having trouble doing! Taffeta is so darned slippery! Much harder to handle than quality cotton...LOL
I'm making petal bags for all the girls, but a bit bigger than I've made before.
I'll post pics once they are finished.
Busy week ahead, so next post will probably be about the wedding.


  1. What an exciting and busy time for you Lindi! Can't wait to see some photos.
    My thoughts and are with you.

  2. Lindi, I can feel your excitement! Just take care and don't stress the small stuff. All will be beautiful on the day, whatever happens. I can't wait to see the photos!!!!!! (And I have an inkling that your darling Dad is hanging out for them too). Lots of love xxx

  3. Hello Lindi, Warm wishes to everyone for the Wedding, not long to go now.Look forward to seeing some pictures, later on. Regards Lyn