14 September 2008


Thank you everyone for your patience, and for your continued prayers and concerns.

I am back home for now, with things up north pretty much the same as when I went up there. The doctors thought Dad would be gone by the end of that first weekend, but no, he is still hanging in there, 4 weeks later.
He can walk to the ensuite with a walker and a nurse's assistance, but can't walk back, and needs to be turned in bed, as he can't do that himself. Some days he is alert and feeling ok, other days, he is sick and sleeps most of the time. He is on constant (low dose) morphine and is allowed extra when the pain gets too much.
It's the sort of situation where he could suddenly be gone tomorrow, or he could still be here in 2 months time!

Poor Mum is totally exhausted, and has finally admitted that she can't make it in to the hospital every day, so is prepared to have a day off once a week. She has been trooping backwards and forwards for 6 weekes now, and all this whilst taking chemotherapy tablets.

At least while I was there, I was able to give my sister a break from the daily trips, and also to look after Mum and make sure she was resting and eating properly. I wish I could have stayed with her longer, but nearly 4 weeks was all I could manage, with DDs wedding coming up on the 27th of this month, and still so much to do!

I will go back up after the wedding (once I have done the BAS statement - the ATO does not allow compassionate late lodgement).

As soon as I catch up with a few things, I will post reports about the wedding preparations. Less than 2 weeks to go and so much still to be done!!! Life is just so crazy at the moment!



  1. Dear Lindi,
    I'm so sorry about the incredible stress you must be under right now.
    Don't forget how important it is that you take care of yourself too!

  2. I've been checking your blog to see if you had posted what was going on with your dad and mom. Wow, is all I can say. I am going to pray for strength and vitality for you for sure. Take you a long relaxing hot bubble bath, okay.

  3. Lindi I can image how you are feeling at the moment - wishing you could split yourself up to be everywhere at once.
    REMEMBER: take some time out for yourself!!

  4. Glad to hear from you-know that we're all sending good thoughts to you and the entire family.