26 September 2008

Oh my gosh!

Tomorrow! I can't believe how fast this is all happening! Excitement is building all round!

Today, have to:

Finish making petal bags for bride and bridesmaids; alter my skirt so it doesn't fall down LOL; greet travellers who are coming down today; iron shirts for DH and DS; take bride dress etc etc out to the apartment where she and attendants are staying tonight; do the slippers up with almonds; take things out to the reception centre; clean out the fridge (absolutely necessary - I haven't done it since last week and nothing fits in now so I know there's stuff no longer any good!); change sheets on our bed for a very important guest - more later- and make up an air bed for us; answer phone, which seems to ring non stop these last couple of days. I have been known to answer phone and mobile at the same time!

So why am I here, now? Well, I have stopped for a cuppa, so thought I'd quickly type this.

The weather predictions look great, the bouquets were picked up yesterday and look lovely, thankfully, despite the mini dramas, the bride is glowing, the groom has had a hair cut and is looking smug, and I hope everything is under control.

Just a couple of things that they haven't done which will have to be done today - like picking up their rings and wouldn't you know, despite telling me they were "onto" it, they haven't organised transport from the reception to their motel!

I also have a secret surprise for my daughter. I'll tell all on Sunday.



  1. Oh, so exciting! I know it'll be wonderful. Do give them our best, and I want to know more about slippers and almonds when you come back.

  2. gosh that wedding sure come around fast! hope everything runs SMOOTHLY and most important, everyone has fun!


  3. Anonymous26/9/08 21:04

    Good luck, Lindi, I'm sure it'll all go fabulously. Just remember to take time to .... breathe. :o)

  4. Have a wonderful day Lindi. Looking forward to the photos.

  5. Oh Lindi - have a truly wonderful day day - I send you all my love.