1 October 2008

Great wedding!

Just a quick post .... Wedding was great, the B & G had a fabulous time, everything went well.
The big surprise we had in store for the Bride was that Mum came down on the Friday with my Sister ( in Mum and Dad's car). DD had no idea! That made her day and her wedding. After that, she didn't care if it poured or anything else went wrong (nothing did). We took a dvd of the ceremony to burn for Dad to watch.
Can't post pics yet, as Mum was too exhausted to go back with Sis (in her son's car) on the Sunday, so I drove her home on the Monday. I am still up here, but flying home Friday night. Will post over the weekend.
Dad has just been transferred to a High Care Nursing home - everything happens at once - so I'll report on that too.



  1. Just catching up. So glad it all went well. Look forward to the photos.

  2. Anonymous1/10/08 18:34

    Glad the wedding went well. Good luck. :o)

  3. Hello Lindi, I am happy for you that all went well for DD Wedding.Congratulations to the Bride and Groom. Regards Lyn

  4. Lindi, I'm so glad the wedding went well and the fact your Mom was able to attend was just perfect! I'm not surprised your daughter was thrilled.
    I hope your Dad is well enough to enjoy the dvd of the wedding and share in the joy.

  5. Delighted all went so well, Lindi. I can feel your excitement as you write about the wonderful day! Can't wait to see pictures. It will be a special treat for you to watch the DVD with your Dad and relive the day. Love, Di

  6. So glad that the wedding went well and how special that your mom could be there. I bet you were glowing. Blessings to ya.