5 October 2008

The Wedding

The day before the big day:

There was still lots to be done, including making the petal bags for the Bride, Bridesmaids and Flowergirl.

My DD (L) was busy packing her things to stay at the apartment at Swansea, as well as picking up the Rings, and finding countless odd jobs to be done. I was busy ticking off things on my To do list.

I managed to get DS to have her here (on some trumped up excuse) about half an hour before my Sister arrived (he didn't know of the surprise in store, either).

When Mum etc arrived, L reached the door first, before they had even come up the steps (she heard the car). Mum was standing at the bottom of the steps, the others were still near the car. L almost burst into tears, then grinned and, I swear, teleported to the bottom of the stairs to embrace Mum, laughing and crying at the same time. She didn't let Mum go for over an hour! (So much for not being able to stay long!)

Mum was really exhausted from the trip (she is still on chemo tablets) but felt it was all worth it to see the joy on L's face.

Later that evening, we took the girls out to their apartment, then went over to the RSL to place our decorations and place cards on the tables - and for the girls to rehearse.

My sister had made slippers for the tables, in line with our family tradition, begun by my Grandmother way back in the late 50s/early 60s. They are made from cardboard, stitched into shape, then covered in crepe paper to match the wedding colours. They are then decorated with ribbons and flowers, etc. L had a pearl theme going, as Mum and Dad had given her Mum's Mikimoto pearl necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring as a wedding present, (all of which she wore on the day), so we stitched a seed pearl to the ribbon cluster.

We have all had slippers for our weddings, and also for Christenings.

I actually got a bit more sleep that night than I had for the previous 2 nights. I think I managed 6 hours!


THE Big day:

The day dawned bright and sunny, but not too hot - perfect weather!

The girls had appointments to get their hair done, followed by make-up, but they kept cool and calm, and had a great day.

I spent the morning finishing the petal bags, and altering my skirt.

The Bride and Flowergirl each had a white petal bag with a Swarovski crystal on each petal. The Flowergirls bag was half the size of the Brides - really cute!

The Bridesmaids had silver bags, to match their shoes.

At 2pm, DH, Mum and I drove out to the apartment in time for the photographer to arrive. 15 minutes before the wedding, the cars arrived to take the girls over to the RSL, and we were off!

The bridesmaids dresses were cocktail dresses from Studibaker: a beautiful light aqua satin under skirt with chiffon over the top. The chiffon went from blue at the top, merging into aqua at the bottom. There was a split in the chiffon, at the front side, so that when they walked, the skirt parted slightly to show the satin. L had bought a beautiful pearl drop necklace, cultured pearl earrings and bracelet for the bridesmaids as gifts, and pretty pink and white fake pearl necklace earring and bracelet set for her flowergirl (as well as a designer paper doll set and cute tiara).

The bouquets were silk roses in Spring colours. Roses are the flower we most associate with my Grandmother. She grew beautiful roses, many of them no longer available, and all with beautiful fragrances. L wanted silk so that they could all keep their bouquets on their dressing tables if they wanted. A little bit of rose essential oil adds that extra touch.

Arriving:Waiting to go in with the proud Dad:

The Piper began to play the bagpipes (a touch of our Scots ancestory and a tribute to Dad who used to play the drum in the airforce pipe band when younger), and the girls entered the room one by one, walking down the aisle we had made between the tables.

L and all the girls looked beautiful. I think L was the happiest Bride I've ever seen, laughing, smiling, and giggling (yes, giggling!) even during the ceremony. They had written their vows as personal expressions of their love and commitment for and to each other. It was a beautiful ceremony, and they all, girls and guys, looked very lovely.

The Bride and Groom had a wonderful time, (actually everyone did!), partying and relaxed, and then all too soon, it was time to say farewell and send them off to their motel - minus luggage because they had forgotten to bring it with them! LOL I wish I had been the one to pick them up the next morning - imagine Sunday at a top motel in town, 11am, with a bride and groom in last evenings gear trooping out to the car! It would have been quite a sight!

My Mum:My Son's Fiance and I:

Photos have started coming in from family and friends, but we are excitedly awaiting the photographs from the photographer.


Mum was too tired to travel back with Sis on the Sunday, so on the Monday, I packed some stuff and drove her back up home (about a 7 and a half hr trip). We had taken a dvd of the ceremony, so we took that up to show Dad. He was very emotional when we got back up there, having just been moved to a high care nursing home from the palliative care ward that morning. He really missed Mum not being there, and, of course, was very down about having missed the wedding. Some tears were shed together (as they were at the wedding and on Mum's arrival on the Friday).

The bride and groom were honeymooning in Byron with their 2 dogs, so mid week, they drove down to see Dad. He was pleased to see them, despite it being another reminder of what he had missed.


All the best for the future, L and M.
May your days be filled with love and happiness.
Y We love you very much. Y



  1. Lindi, your daughter made a beautiful bride and looks so happy.
    I'm so glad your Dad was able to see the DVD of the wedding. You must feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster right now!
    Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

  2. Lindi
    thanks for sharing your family's special day.. your daughter looked so happy and how wonderful for her to visit your dad on her honeymoon.. those petal bags certainly look familiar! :O) Glad everything went smoothly!!!

    quilty huggers to you


  3. that was just wonderful.

  4. Lindi, it sounds a truly magical day! I love the little touches that had such meaning for you all, the family traditions. You all look radiant, but none moreso than your gorgeous daughter. This was the blog entry I've been waiting for - Thank you for sharing yor special day with us!

  5. Tell me, please, Lindi - how do you type those cute ittle hearts?

  6. Congratulations to the whole wedding party and families! And thanks for leting us share in the joy. Best wishes to all.