14 October 2008

Into Spring

3 photos of our beautiful liquidamber. These were each taken a week apart. I just love watching those little buds cracking open, letting the tiny tiny leaves peep through. Then watching those little leaves unfurl and grow.
The little "balls" are the seed pods. They start off green and shiny and bumpy. They then grow and start to brown and open their little "eyes". Once they have ripened, they drop to the ground and become bare feet bombs - i.e. they hurt when you step on them in bare feet!
They attract lots of birds. While they are green, the various parrots (cockatoos, galas, lorikeets etc) feed on them in the tree. You have to watch the galas, as they tend to throw them at you if you are walking near by. Their aim is sometimes incredibly accurate! The cats (ours and a neighbours) won't go near the front yard while they are there!
Once the seeds fall to the ground, the lovely nesting doves feed underneath the tree. They are not afraid of the cats. They have their measure, keeping a wary eye on them and a specified distance from them. They seem to know what the cats can and can't do, as there has never been any casualties.



  1. Your tree. (I hope it is a tree. We dont have liquidamber in the UK.)
    Looks wonderful.
    Are all the birds wild?
    It is autumn here and all the trees are turning brown and dropping leaves
    Oh I do miss spring, I hate the thought of winter. cold, cold and yet more cold.
    My cat, Archie also sits under the bird feeders waiting for birds. Though he is too fat and lazy to actually chase them.

  2. Beautiful photos Lindi. The sky looks so blue! Our sky is gray and dreary, with winter just around the corner.