8 October 2008

What new bag?

On Monday, I decided all my bags, large and small, needed culling and organising. I duly emptied out a section of the wardrobe and figured out how to fit them all in. As I organised, i culled. Anything not used much was put aside to give away. I had so many bags that i still use, I decided that apart from the 4 patterns i have waiting to be made up, i wouldn't buy any more!!!
Today, i walked into the local chemist, and what should i spy, but this little (well , not so little) beauty! It's a Marina Galanti creation from Firenze, Italy. Such a gorgeous colour! What a wonderful size to carry aboard a plane! So roomy! And stylish!
Reasonably priced, too!

It had my name written all over it! lol I just had to buy it, girls. You all understand, don't you?

Try as i might, though, i couldn't get a photo that did it justice. This is close, on my monitor. The shiny vinyl reflects the light with or without a flash. It's actually a deep rich aubergine colour, with light aubergine colouring where the pleats and stitching are.

Now I have to find somewhere to store (read hide!) it, until I can say ["This bag? No, it's not new." ]



  1. I understand.
    oh just say, oh that one I've had it for ages lol.

  2. Anonymous9/10/08 13:52

    That's funny, oh I do love bags too.


  3. Anonymous9/10/08 23:11

    "This old thing? Oh, I've had it for aaaaaaaaaages!"

    It is totally swoony - love the colour and think the topstitching makes it a real standout!

  4. Bags..........
    I love bags, I have loads (full of cross stitch)

  5. What a great bag. I love the color.

  6. Ooooh its gorgeous!
    No wonder you couldn't leave it behind
    I just bought one in the same color...ummm...i mean i have one in the same shade i bought ages ago lol,i was going to blog mine but it photographed very strange.