6 October 2008

Quilting ... at last!

I have had a lovely time this long weekend, fiddling around in my sewing room, tidying, organising (there is a difference between the 2) and actually doing some patchwork!

On Saturday, I pieced together this cute little pram/floor quilt top for a friend's first grandson, due in about 3 weeks. I have to get some backing fabric this week, then I can finish it. And it will be in time for his birth, unless he comes early!

Then on Sunday, I used the squares (Roman Holiday) that I won from this lovely lady.

This will be a lap quilt for Mum and Dad's church. In winter, it gets quite cold sitting near the back, so I thought i'd make a few lap quilts for worshipers to borrow, if they need to, while sitting there. I have some fabric from this range that i will use for a border.

The half square triangles are already sewn. I just have to decide which pattern to place them in. Which do you prefer?

DH likes no.1, DD likes no.3, and I vacillate between 1 and 3.



  1. What a lovely idea, Lindi. I've never believed that being uncomfortable in church did anything to improve the soul! I love all your versions, but 2 and 3 more than 1, and perhaps 3 might be best IMHO.

  2. I love those fabrics! I vote for #1. I like the strong diagonal line it creates.

  3. I would prefer nr. 3.
    The fabrics are lovely, so this will make a nice quilt.
    Happy stitching,

  4. Anonymous8/10/08 10:28

    I like #1.

  5. The fabrics are lovely ... #2 appeals to me the most.

  6. I like 2. But I also like them all.
    They look fabulous. Looking forward to the finished quilt.
    I measured up for 2 lots of borders yesterday.
    Thanks for the email. Am behind in my blog reading.

  7. I like #2 and then #1.
    Lovely idea.