20 January 2009

January Photo Challenge is Nature:Life

Di's photo challenge for January is Nature with a subtitle of Life. A very broad subject indeed, Di! There should be no excuses for missing this one.
Here's a few that I have taken over the last few months.

A little boring in composition, but I do like the way the light glints from their eyes.

i used a Zoom lens as they were too cautious to get close to.

One of the Magpies that comes to Mum's to be fed. They only come to get fed when they are feeding babies, and not every day. It depends on what other food is available.They come to the courtyard and sing for their food.

Ants farming scale insects.

The top photo was taken with flash as it was late afternoon and in the shade.
The photo below was taken without the flash.

Personally, I prefer the photo without flash. I like the muted light and the ant silhouettes.
Which do you prefer?



  1. Mmmm, I think perhaps the one with the flash - I really enjoy people's photography - not that I specifically get involved myself. It must be great to have a good camera - it is such a nice hobby. Your shots are great, Lindi!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. Yes, I think without the flash is better here. Sometimes I feel it can wash out the colour of a subject (though not here), and so I'll use the no-flash setting and then correct it tosome extent in my photo editing later. Digital photography is such fun, isn't it? Love the header, by the way!

  3. I see it is the 20th in Austrailia....it is the 19th of Jan here...we just had 16" of snow and it has warmed up some 22 degrees....I really enjoyed all the pictures on your blog...so interesting....hope to visit again...great photography....Maine USA

  4. Lindi do you use Macro on your camera, I love it... took me years to work it out and I need to use a tripod to get a good clear picture but I get great results. I love the silhouette photo but the flash is good to compare with.

  5. I have NO preferance as to what flash to use, those are GROSS bugs!! ;)

  6. I'm always a no-flash gal (for photos anyhow) and my DH always scolds me about not using one!

    I like the buggies.