23 January 2009

Spring Up Quilt Pattern

Last year, I entered a comp to win this quilt, from the designer and maker, Elizabeth Cranmer in Canada.

I didn't win (unfortunately; but luckily for the person who did win!), but Elizabeth published her pattern and took orders for it.

I ordered four copies: a couple as gifts, one for myself, and one as a future giveaway.

Well, guess what? That giveaway is about to happen. On the 29th of January, DH and I will celebrate our 32nd Wedding Anniversary! Sometime on that day, I will draw a winner from the entries. I'm not sure yet just how I will do that - random number generator? Name out of the hat? Best comment? It's my giveaway so I'll decide on the day! Haha!

Unfortunately for all you overseas readers, I am limiting this to Australians and New Zealanders (they're not overseas, just over the ditch!). I can hear the moans and protests now, but ladies, and any gentleman reading this, there is a good reason!

Postage from Canada to purchase these patterns was far more than I expected, and also, our Australian dollar value has dropped since then, and as this is not (yet) available to purchase from Australian stores (as far as I know), I am giving the locals a chance to have their very own pattern.

If you love it and want to purchase a copy, you can do so here.
OK, so you want to own the pattern? (Full size applique patterns included!) Here's what you do:

###Leave a comment on this post, saying how much you like it, why you like it, who you would make it for, and what colour ways you would use. Be honest!
Also, peoples, if you want to own it but really don't think you'll make it, or if you only think maybe one day, please admit it in your post. It won't cancel your entry.###

This is another colourway that Elizabeth made up, which goes to show how great it would look any way you wanted!


And we have a winner! I decided to give one entry for each of the questions you answered, and one entry if you had wished me a happy wedding anniversary, and then draw the name out of the hat.

And the winner is..........Pennie! Congratulations! Am I correct in assuming this is to be mainly black and white, Pennie? Can't wait to see the finished quilt.


  1. Don't put my name in your hat Lindi, no don't... don't don't! I don't want to win that pattern... and don't put my name in your random generator... no no no... I don't want to win no I don't... nay nay nay! Do not chose my comment as the best I do not do not do not want to win and I wouldn't make it in black and whites no no no I wouldn't!!

  2. Anonymous23/1/09 22:13

    Yes that sure is a wonderful pattern, also happy aniversary for the 29th, we are having our 30th on the 17th August this year.
    I said to my DH " you don't get that long for murder" vbg.

    Hope you have a wonderful day


  3. Anonymous23/1/09 23:24

    That is a beautiful piece of work. Unfortunatly I live far away so I will just have to make do with cyber-viewing. xxx

  4. Stunning...and oh does that look like Spring...colors are wonderful...yellows are luscious...really like the palm tree on the side of your blog...reminds me of Hawaii when I was there.....Margo in Maine USA

  5. Now, let me get this straight, Pennie:
    do I take it that you don't want that pattern, or is this a ploy to make sure you win?

  6. Pennie replied:
    LOL I was just in a silly mood, you have to watch out when I'm in a silly mood you never know what I might get up to because even I'm not sure :-) It was supposed to be a ploy, I've been using it quite a bit lately with my Grandsons, but you're obviously just a tad older than a 2 1/2 year old... not much at times but... of course I'd like to win it!! Am I out on my ear now?? :-(

    Lindi: No you're not out on your ear! I like your tactics, tho' they almost backfired! lol

  7. I just HAD to comment on the charming quilt!!! I love it and am going to go purchase it at Lizzy Anne's, since I'm not eligible to win. (And I totally understand, just some minimun pouting!) ;) Glad I came for a visit!

  8. consider this a belated congrats for the other day Lindi
    xxox s

  9. Happy Belated Anniversary Lindi! Christine's comment made me laugh! My sister calls it "the life sentence!" But if you're laughing while you're saying that, how bad can it be??

    That's a lovely pattern. Will be interested to see the B&W version!

  10. Hilarious laughing to Pennies comment... *chuckle chuckle*'
    Hi Lindi. it's been ages since I dropped by your place, but here I am.
    Oooh your giveaway sounded like fun... Pennie sounds like she was having fun...giggle.
    congrats on your Wedding Anniversary...I hope you had the loveliest day!
    I wanted to thank you for stopping by and for your kind comment and support for myself but especially for Tim's family.
    Robyn xx