17 February 2009

Pennie's Quilt

Remember the giveaway I did last month? It was for this pattern.
Well, Pennie won it and she has already made the top. She has kindly allowed me to post a picture of it.

I love the fabric combinations she has used. Doesn't it look fabulous?



  1. So you think it's a top do you?? Doesn't look like a top to me?? Do tops have bindings?? We'll see............

  2. Woops! Sorry Pennie! I guess I was so engrossed in the lovely fabric combinations, I didn't really notice the binding. I would not have expected it to be finished - I take months! You did finish it quickly!

  3. Yep... faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap buildings in a single bound... it's Super Pennie!!