17 February 2009


I recently participated in a one-on-one postcard swap through SCQuilters ATC swap group.
This is the postcard I sent to Liz.

And this is the postcard I received from her today.

It's fabulous! The centre piece is cross stitched (here's something else you could get addicted to Jane!) and the gold that you can see curling along the large purple curl is actually tiny gold beads.

I just love it ,and I'm currently displaying it on the dresser as you come in the front door, so everyone can admire it. Lucky, lucky me getting such a beautiful postcard. Thanks, Liz!



  1. Anonymous18/2/09 10:40

    They are very nice And yes, Lindi - Sheila has already got me hooked on making little quilts, so this is something else I can have a go with..... xxx

  2. Anonymous3/3/09 09:53

    Hi Lindi, I recently did a workshop on ATC cards and have made two sets.A lot of fun.I love your postcards.Regards Lyn