19 February 2009

Oh, that Pennie!

Remember the giveaway pattern that Pennie won a few posts ago?

And remember the picture Pennie gave me permission to publish? The one of her newly finished quilt?

Because she had made it in one weekend, I wrongly assumed she had only made the top. She was very quick to point out that she had finished it and it was all neatly bound. On looking at the photo closer, I realised she was telling the truth so I duly apologised.

I also praised her for her speed and amazing ability to get things done when she set her mind to it....

Well, today I received my prize of a white china thimble with a SCQuilters logo on it. Pennie had held a competition on the Sydney SCQs blog she runs, and I had won it.

But as Pennie and I have a history of trying to outdo one another in the pranks department (mild pranks to generate a laugh and all in good fun!), naturally she included a little something with the thimble.

So that you can fully realise the enormity of the prank she has pulled this time, I have scanned it with a ruler beside it.

So may I present "Pennie's 'Spring Up' and Be Surprised" Quilt....

Measuring 8" by 12", this is a lovely little quilt, but somehow, I don't think Pennie followed the measurements on the pattern very accurately, do you?

Well, I won the Game with the Gnomes, but I laughed out loud when I opened the little parcel, so Pennie has won the Set.
But the Match is far from over!!!


  1. Don't you just love girlfriends? Where would be without them! blessings, marlene

  2. Prank or not, what a lovely little gift.

  3. Wow! Pennie certainly won the set with that lovely little quilt. Who knew it was so small?

    Look foreward to hearing what you get up to in the next round.

  4. Congrats on Winning the Thimble...How Cute is this little Quilt...Love the Colour combo...

  5. Adorable...unique little quilt...congrats on your win...Maine

  6. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! :)